Meals @ Flanders Grand Prix

Flanders Grand Prix


During the three-day tournament sport friendly dishes will be available in the tent.

On daily basis, tickets will be for sale as from the competition starts. The meals cost 12 euros.

Here is the menu 'FGP 2021' :


Friday 13.08 lunch
Cordon bleu with gratin potatoes and a fresh salad


Friday 13.08 diner :
Oven dish Lasagne Bolognaise or Lasagne Verde


Saturday 14.08 lunch
Meatballs in tomatosauce with new potatoes and a summer salad


Saturday 14.08 diner :
Paella mixta (fish-meat) - cooked on site


Sunday 15.08 lunch : 
Cold dish

Remarks :

- Daily 'spaghetti bolognaise' available for 75 persons.

- There will also be a range (3 species) of fruits, and yogurt available.

Enjoy your meal !